The R/V Akvavit made 97 casts to as deep as 180m between July 20 and August 12 1999, neatly bracketing the OSU-NOPP intensive observational period. Their survey spanned a wider portion of the shelf than even the Seasoar surveys. Here is some preliminary data from that cruise. The stations have been numbered 1-97, in the order they were collected.

A text file containing the time, location, and maximum depth of each cast.

A map of the survey, with bathymetry.

(the following images are of surpassingly lousy graphic quality. I'm trying to figure out why. In the meantime...)

cross-sections, stations 16-21.

cross-sections, stations 30-43.

cross-sections, stations 51-62.

cross-sections, stations 66-74.

cross-sections, stations 74-81.