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Eric Bjorkstedt
Chris Edwards
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Jan Newton
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Stephen Pierce
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55th annual
Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference
Stanford Sierra Camp
Fallen Leaf Lake, California
23-26 September 2008

... nestled in the peaceful surroundings of Southern Lake Tahoe ...

Scientific Sessions

  1. Climate change at regional scales: prediction, detection, and consequences
    (co-chairs: Emanuele Di Lorenzo & Nick Bond )

  2. Harmful Algal Blooms and their benign cousins
    (co-chairs: Pete Strutton & John Ryan )

  3. Oceanographic insights and/or products for societal use (e.g., for MPAs, EBM, or products from OOS)
    (co-chairs: Steven Bograd, Steve Ramp, Jan Newton, & Loo Botsford)

In addition to these special sessions, contributions on all Eastern Pacific (or even analogous systems) topics are always welcome. Where possible, papers on similar topics will be grouped into coherent mini-sessions within the general session, with preference for representation across research groups over synthesis across a program. These could take advantage of coupled oral and poster presentations.