EPOC 2007
Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat
15-18 Sept 2007

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Neil Banas
Meeting Chair

Jan Newton
EPOC President

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54th annual
Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference
Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat
15-18 September 2007

... nestled in the Eastern foothills of
Washington's Cascade mountains ...

Physical and Biophysical Mixing and Dispersion
(co-chairs: Christine Petersen & Jonathan Nash)

Small-scale vertical and horizontal processes mix water masses, disperse larvae/standing stocks, make nutrients available to the euphotic zone, and allow benthic processes to alter the water column. These same processes also have purely physical consequences - affecting cross-shelf transports, transferring momentum, altering fronts, diluting river plumes etc. In this session, we invite talks of either physical or biophysical nature that address aspects of mixing and dispersion with some relevance to the Eastern Pacific Ocean.