EPOC 2007
Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat
15-18 Sept 2007

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Neil Banas
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Jan Newton
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54th annual
Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference
Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat
15-18 September 2007

... nestled in the Eastern foothills of
Washington's Cascade mountains ...

Mesoscale synthesis from Alaska to California
(co-chairs: Julie Keister & Bill Crawford )

Eddies, meanders, fronts, and jets impact the distribution of marine life in the ocean and are important components of the circulation field along the entire West Coast; their effects are felt in both continental margins and deep-sea waters. Variations in shelf width and freshwater influence create additional mesoscale or region-to-region variation. Especially welcome in this session are presentations that provide synthesis among regions and across disciplines. Topics may include, but are not limited to: the biogeochemistry of mesoscale features, variability in their generation and persistence, utilization by upper trophics, transport of organisms, modification of biological processes within features, and applications of remote sensing.