EPOC 2007
Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat
15-18 Sept 2007

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Neil Banas
Meeting Chair

Jan Newton
EPOC President

Stephen Pierce
EPOC Treasurer

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54th annual
Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference
Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat
15-18 September 2007

... nestled in the Eastern foothills of
Washington's Cascade mountains ...

Information for presenters

Oral presentations should be limited to 12 minutes, with another 3 minutes for questions and transition to the next speaker. Bring your talk on a CD or a jump drive, and please have it ready to transfer to our computer when you arrive. Slides can be in either PowerPoint or PDF format. If you want to use another format, please check with us.

Maximum poster size is 36" x 48". We will provide 32" x 40" foam-core boards, standing on easels (so if your poster is larger than this, expect curling edges). If you need a stool or small table to display a laptop, please ask us in advance.