EPOC 2006
Timberline Lodge, Oregon
27-30 Sept 2006

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Kipp Shearman, Meeting Chair

Jan Newton, EPOC President

Stephen Pierce, EPOC Treasurer

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53rd annual Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference
Timberline Lodge, Oregon
27-30 September 2006

Multidisciplinary Modeling
(co-chairs: Yvette Spitz & Chris Sherwood )

This session addresses the challenges of developing, testing, and making useful calculations for systems of processes spanning traditional oceanographic disciplines and/or environments. For example, systems that result in bioaccumulation in higher trophic levels of chemical species initially distributed in sediments involve local physical, sedimentological, geochemical, and biological process in or near the seabed that must be coupled with representation of regional-scale circulation and food-web interactions. Our approaches for choosing the correct coupling of the best subset of processes, initializing and integrating numerical simulations, and evaluating uncertainties in our conclusions are evolving and hopefully improving. This session welcomes talks that present case studies, investigate the mechanics of building and running multidisciplinary models, or address broader philosophical questions.