EPOC 2006
Timberline Lodge, Oregon
27-30 Sept 2006

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Kipp Shearman, Meeting Chair

Jan Newton, EPOC President

Stephen Pierce, EPOC Treasurer

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53rd annual Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference
Timberline Lodge, Oregon
27-30 September 2006

New Instrumentation and Technology and Applications
(co-chairs: Dan Rudnick, & Jason Smith)

Oceanography is an observational science in the sense that most discoveries have resulted from novel observations (to paraphrase Henry Stommel). So, advances in oceanography are driven by new technology. Ocean scientists observe the ocean in a variety of ways: from ships, on moorings, from autonomous and Langrangian platforms (ALPS), remotely from land or space. New sensors are rapidly becoming available to measure all manner of physical, chemical, and biological variables. Contributions are welcome on any and all new technology or applications. Presentations emphasizing interdisciplinary issues are especially encouraged.