Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference 2002

Presentation Information

For Speakers ...

The standard length of talks will be 20 minutes (15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions and transition).

We will have two overhead projectors available and a computer projector. To save on transition time, and to avoid potential technical problems, we aim to make all computer presentations from our own laptop. This will be a PC with the following software available:

We prefer, and would appreciate, if you could FTP your presentation to us before the meeting. Please bring a backup, just in case. FTPs will be accepted until the end of Tuesday (i.e. we will take all received as of early Wednesday morning to Timberline). If your presentation will not be ready in advance, bring it either on a floppy, a 100Mb zip disk, or a CD.

FTP information:

If you have any other concerns, please contact Andy or Yvette.

For Poster Presenters ...

The poster session will take place in conjunction with Thursday dinner (hors d'oeuvres). Unfortunately we have had to lose the traditional poster precis session due to the large number of submissions.

Space will be limited. Poster boards and mounting supplies will be provided. Boards will be 4ft x 8ft in a vertical format, but we recommend that your poster be 3ft x 4ft (a vertical format will fit the boards well).