Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference 2002

Information for Offsite Lodgers

If you are staying off-site (i.e. you have not purchased the Timberline meals/lodging package), please read the information below.

Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee Breaks, etc.

Breakfast and lunch can be purchased at several dining locations in the Lodge. The breakfast provided in the Mt Jefferson room is for Timberline lodgers only. Coffee breaks during sessions are covered by your meeting registration fee.

Poster Session

The poster session will be combined with hors d'oeuvres. The cost of hors d'oeuvres will be borne by Timberline lodgers, so offsite lodgers should eat elsewhere before attending the poster session, or eat there with consideration. All attendees will receive two drinks vouchers to be redeemed at the bar.

EPOC Banquet

Off-site lodgers who wish to attend the EPOC banquet should contact us at least a week before the meeting. Cost is expected to be $28 plus a compulsary 18% gratuity (=$33). Please indicate whether you are vegetarian or have other dietary requirements.