NMFS/NOAA shipboard ADCP, July-August 1995

Individual sections:

These are shipboard ADCP velocity sections across the shelf break from 32-54N, collected 3 July to 1 September 1995. They are east-west sections of alongshore velocity (cm/s) extending roughly mid-slope to mid-shelf. These are preliminary, not a final data set. They are organized by latitude of each section:

34.20N 33.83N 33.72N 34.43N 35.32N 35.64N 35.80N 35.97N 36.14N 36.29N 36.47N 36.64N 36.80N 36.97N 37.15N 37.30N 37.47N 37.64N 37.80N 37.97N 38.14N 38.30N 38.47N 38.64N 38.81N 38.97N 39.14N 39.30N 39.47N 39.58N 39.80N 39.97N 40.14N 40.29N 40.47N 40.64N 40.81N 40.98N 41.14N 41.31N 41.48N 41.64N 41.80N 41.97N 42.14N 42.30N 42.47N 42.63N 42.80N 42.97N 43.14N 43.31N 43.47N 43.64N 43.82N 43.95N 44.14N 44.32N 44.47N 44.63N 44.80N 44.97N 45.12N 45.30N 45.47N 45.63N 45.80N 46.02N 46.14N 46.30N 46.47N 46.64N 46.81N 46.97N 46.95N 46.96N 47.14N 47.30N 47.47N 47.64N 47.80N 47.97N 48.05N 48.14N 48.22N 48.30N 48.39N 48.47N 45.55N 48.64N 48.72N 48.80N 48.64N 48.80N 48.97N 49.14N 49.30N 49.47N 49.64N 49.80N 49.97N 50.05N 50.14N 50.22N 50.30N a 50.30N b 50.47N 50.64N 50.80N 50.97N

Poleward undercurrent abstract
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