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Turbulence Moorings
Aircraft Coastal

COAST Survey I and II Planning (May-June and August 2001)

CTD station locations Mooring locations
1E 45 15.0 124 2.0
1W 45 15.0 124 48.0
2W 45 1.0 124 48.0
2E 45 1.0 124 3.3
3E 44 50.0 124 6.0
3W 44 50.0 124 48.0
4W 44 39.1 124 48.0
4E 44 39.1 124 8.4
5E 44 28.5 124 9.6
5W 44 28.5 124 48.0
6W 44 14.8 125 0.0
6E 44 14.8 124 10.2
7E 44 0.0 124 11.4
7W 44 0.0 125 11.0
8W 43 45.0 125 20.0
8E 43 45.0 124 13.8
Original map from proposal

Below is a draft timeline for activites associated with our first COAST field effort this May-June. Please look over the map and timeline (and notes at the bottom of the timeline) and comment on our experimental approach for the first COAST cruises. Pat and I tried to design the cruises around sampling "modules" that we can adjust as the cruise proceeds. We tried to maximize the time that the two vessels will be working together with the added constraints given by the offset Wecoma and Thompson cruise dates plus the fact that the Wecoma must provide a number of large-area maps in order to provide the large scale context. The overlap in time will be much better in August. I designed the SeaSoar "Big Box" grid to repeat lines covered in 1999 and 2000 as well as to run from the CUE line at 45 15'N in the north down to 43 45'N in the south where the topography becomes simpler again.

I have scheduled a MEETING to go over these cruise details on WED APRIL 25th at 1:30pm in BURT 176. I hope that individuals involved in the field work will attend. As usual, all COASTers are welcome.

Proposed COAST Survey I Timeline, May-June 2001
May 10       Aircraft arrives in Corvallis
May 11        
May 12 load      
May 13 load      
May 14 loaddepart Seattle    
May 15 sail 1000arrive Nwpt; load begin aircraft flights
May 16 north mooringsload   logistics mtg, Newport
May 17 north mooringssail 1000; test N    
May 18 south mooringsnorth    
May 19 south mooringsnorth    
May 20 docksidenorthload  
May 21  southload  
May 22  southload  
May 23  southsail 1000; BB1  
May 24  southBB1  
May 25  northBB1; deep CTDs S  
May 26  northnorth  
May 27  northnorth  
May 28  northnorth  
May 29  southBB2Elakha transit
May 30  southBB2dye release N
May 31  southsouthdye tracking
June 1  southsouthdye tracking
June 2  S/N or weathersouthdye tracking
June 3  dockside NwptBB3  
June 4  transit toBB3  
June 5  Seattlenorth  
June 6   north  
June 7   BB4  
June 8   BB4  
June 9   south  
June 10   south  
June 11   BB5  
June 12   BB5  
June 13   dockside Nwpt  


Mooring vessel (Wecoma, Levine et al.) to try and do CTDs on 45 0' N line during night(s) of 15 (16) May at about 7 stations: inshore mooring (50m), shelf mooring (80m), slope mooring (140m), 190m, 300m, 550m and 800m. The last two stations will allow a traditional 500-m reference level to be used. If time permits in the region of the southern moorings (44 12' N) on 17 or 18 May, it would be useful to obtain CTD profiles at the slope mooring (120m), 200m, 550m and 1250m.

Profiling vessel (Thompson) "module" is four days made up of repeated cross-shelf sampling, 1/4-day+1/4-night station sampling for Letelier, other station work. The location and timing of the "modules" may be altered depending on weather conditions, etc. It's important to try and maximize the times that the profiling and survey vessels spend together at either the north or south sites. These are presently scheduled as 26-28 May (north) and 31 May to 2 Jun (south).

Survey vessel (Wecoma) covers Big Box (BB) survey in 53 hours from 45 15' N to 43 45'N. Three-day "modules" in north or south include repeated 3-line SeaSoar Small Box (SB) surveys (lines to N and S and on profiling/mooring line, ~35 km long in north, ~80 km long in south) and MOCNESS sampling across shelf. Other activities include clean-rosette casts for trace metal analysis, vertical zooplankton tows, Bongo and MOCNESS sampling for bio-acoustics calibration, and a few vertical profiles for fine-scale bio-optical and bio-acoustics (TAPS system, Cowles et al.).

A communication test between Thompson and shore (SST and SeaWiFS image retrieval) and jpeg attachments (SeaSoar results) via email from Jack is scheduled on 15 May when Thompson is in Newport.