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Turbulence Moorings
Aircraft Coastal

                             COAST Workshop Agenda
                                August 7-8, 2003
                             Burt 193 Seminar Room
                            COAS, OSU, Corvallis, OR

7 August (Thursday)
8:30-9:00    Introduction and Overview                         Jack Barth
               -- goals of workshop
               -- plans for publication
               -- report paper submissions to COAST co-leaders and 
                  acknowledge NSF support
               -- upcoming meetings
               -- CoOP update
               -- coordination with WEST
               -- 2004 plans

9:00-9:15    Review CoOP and COAST objectives and hypotheses   Pat Wheeler

9:15         Begin summaries of COAST scientific inquiries.  These should 
             include analysis of the 2001 upwelling experiment, but early 2003
             downwelling results are welcome too.

9:15-9:55    Moorings
               --physical and meteorological                   Murray Levine
               --air temperature                               Roger Samelson
               --chlorophyll fluorescence                      TJC/Russ Desiderio
               --spectral radiometers                          Ricardo Letelier

9:55-10:15   Land-Based Coastal Radar                          Mike Kosro

10:15        Coffee break (catered)

10:45        Aircraft (atmospheric internal boundary layer)    John Bane

11:00        Survey Ship
               --T, S, chlorophyll, velocity, mixing           Jack Barth/Renato
               --bioacoustics                                  Steve Pierce
              (--bio-optics                                    Tim Cowles)
               --iron                                          Zanna Chase
               --nutrients, pCO2                               Burke Hales

noon         Lunch on your own

1:00         COAST research summaries continued...

1:00-1:20    Zooplankton Observations                          Bill Peterson

1:20         Vertical Transect Ship
               --turbulence, velocity, hydro                   Alexander Perlin
               --nutrients, pCO2                               Burke Hales/Paul
              (--bio-optics                                    Tim Cowles)
               --particulate and dissolved organic material    Pat Wheeler
               --growth experiments during 2003                Mike Wetz
               --phytoplankton physiology and pigments         Ricardo Letelier

3:30         Coffee break (on your own)

3:50         Modeling
               --atmospheric                                   Natalie Perlin
               --physical                                      Jianping Gan
               --data assimilation                             Alexander Kurapov
               --ecosystem                                     Yvette Spitz

4:45         Discuss Working Group Topics for tomorrow         Barth/Allen/Wheeler

5:00pm       Adjourn

8 August (Friday)

8:30-8:45    review; other COASTwide issues                    Barth

8:45-9:00    Finalize Group Topics                             Barth/Allen/Wheeler

             Charge to Groups: 
               define objectives; list critical data sets (when available?);
               identify lead investigators; tentative titles

9:00-10:15   Large Working Groups on Science Themes

             Example Themes (these can be modified or added to):

               --Upwelling on the "simple topography" Cascade Head Line
               --Surface layer cross-shelf transport (Ekman dynamics)
               --BBL cross-shelf transport
               --Flow-topography interactions and cross-shelf transport
               --Heceta Bank bottom cold pool (source? chemistry? biology?)
               --Heceta Bank high productivity "pool" (upper layer biomass)
               --Atmospheric changes caused by oceanic processes
               --Summertime downwelling
               --Wintertime downwelling
               --Surface heat flux

10:15        Coffee break (catered)

11:00-12:00  Large Working Groups on Science Themes continued

noon         Lunch on your own

1:00-2:30    Small Working Groups on Data Integration etc.

             Examples (these can be modified or added to):

               --calibration of chlorophyll fluorescence (all)
               --ISUS nutrients versus surface and pumped profiler nutrients
                   (Chase, Barth, Hales, Hubbard, Covert, Bandstra)
               --moored light backscatter (Chase, Cowles, Letelier, mooring
               --turbulence and mesoscale features and bottom topographic
                   features (Perlin, Moum, Ott, Barth, modelers?)
               --turbulent chemical vertical fluxes (Hales, Covert, Bandstra,
                   Moum, Perlin, others?)
               --Lagrangian pathways from radar and models (Kosro, O'Keefe,
                   Gan, Kurapov, others?)
               --biological/chemical/physical time series measurements
                   (Cowles, Letelier, Hales, Wheeler, Perlin, Moum)
               --undercurrent observations (Perlin, Barth, Pierce, Kosro,
                   Hales, Choboter)
               --bottom solitary waves during wintertime (Klymak, Barth,

2:30pm       Wrap-up

3:00pm       Adjourn