COAS DODS development page
  Data Examples:
     DDS  - Data Descriptor Structure;
     DAS  - Data Attribute Structure;
     INFO - DODS Dataset information;
     VER  - DODS Version.

/   /Ocean Surface Drifters Released off the Oregon Coast
/   /Oregon State University (OSU) Mooring Program data

  • Temperature, Salinity, and Chlorophyll:
         DDS   DAS   INFO   VER   Dataset Access Form

         MATLAB script example:
           Load Temperature and Salinity data
           directly to MATLAB environment:
           (requires DODS MATLAB command-line client installation)
  • Bottom mounted upward looking Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)
    North and East velocity data
         Free Form Server Format:
          DDS   DAS   INFO   VER   Dataset Access Form